john alkemade + associates pty ltd is a dynamic team of architects whose experience represents over 25 years of successful design in the architectural industry. Our ability to design buildings which meet modern-day requirements within site-sensitive, sustainable and harmonious envelopes has been recognised and awarded in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Bayside City Council's Built Environment Awards, including Best New Building 2016 and Best of the Best 2016.

To every project in which we become involved, we bring:

diversity of experiences from tight budget residential work to multi-million dollar commercial projects. This experience encourages lateral thinking in the problem-solving required throughout the design process + represents a myriad of circumstances for which we have developed systems to effectively deal with time, budgetary + risk management issues.

more than 10 years experience as registered builders. Our understanding of what is practical + cost-effective to build, coupled with our experience in liaising with the building trades in successful + co-operative ways means projects are successfully completed within realistic budgets + timeframes. We have established systems to promote efficient, hassle free progress through the design + construction stages, creating successful relationships with our clients + teams of contractors.

the willingness to listen + communicate; to treat the design process as a collaborative relationship between architect + Client to produce the best possible outcome in the design + construction of new buildings.

commitment to sustainable building design as a philosophy + a practice. We design buildings that are socially + environmentally responsible, incorporating features of energy efficiency into all of our projects as a matter of course, not option.

an enthusiasm for sustainable design shared by our inspired, committed, co-operative + service oriented team.